Greetings Fellow Travellers!

We welcome you! We have jumped down the “rabbit hole” & entered the field of all possibilities, embracing the wisdom of uncertainty. Joy Thru Generosity is our vehicle of choice.

Our vision is altruistic and we believe that it’s attainable! We want to share the joy that generosity produces. Through www.joythrugenerosity.com, we’re offering a variety of interesting resources that reflect the social aspects of generosity, integrity, personal growth, environmentally-friendly living, and of course, humour!

In our ever-changing world, baby boomers are taking on roles and responsibilities they have never experienced before, such as, living in a time of rapidly advancing technology; re-energizing our environment and for some, parenting as grandparents.

Our goal is to provide accessible, quality resources to nurture family and extended family life in a spirit of enhanced generosity and resulting joyfulness. We’re dedicated to offering high quality multimedia resources for educators, employers and families, including children’s products.

Joy Thru Generosity was formed by a couple of “joyful” souls, Cathy and Anthony. We’re a social purpose enterprise founded on the belief that each of us can enhance our well-being and the planet by spreading joy thru acts of generosity.

Cathy (BA; Professional Dip. (Ed.); MA (Ed. Psych.); Dip. Filmmaking):
Down the “rabbit hole” I go! My curious nature has taken me on various twists & turns on this path we call life! I come to you with a background in education, community social services and filmmaking. I’ve been fortunate to work as an educator, counsellor, program manager and filmmaker, to name but a few of my many incarnations. I love creating projects & watching them take off. I’m finding the launch of our new “creation”www.joythrugenerosity.com very exciting!
I have two grown children who are creating adventures of their own, and when I’m not on the computer, I love to run the beautiful trails on Vancouver Island. And oh yeah, I love beating Tony at bocce ball on a regular basis!

Anthony (ACOA; PTSD?; ADD and Cheerful Leader of the Banana Gang): Rabbit hole indeed! Risky business this human being thing! And fun too! I recently “graduated” after some 30 years experience in community social service programming and administration. Prior to that, I enjoyed stints in the recording industry and public recreation. Throughout the Hi Ho Hi Ho journey (I actually do like to sing while I work), I have continued my involvement in the arts through music and theatre. For the past ten years my “MunkyMan” character has mirrored the TTP philosophy of bringing kindness and humor to the young at heart.
I have 3 grown children and three grandchildren (so far!). I thoroughly enjoy most sports, watching old movies with the “Diva” and continue to explore the horizons of personal & spiritual growth with family and friends. Oh yeah, and I love “letting” Cathy win at Bocce ball!

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