Boomer Workplace Generosity

Can we change our world through acts of kindness at work? You bet we can! Being generous to ourselves, our colleagues and our community sends positive messages (OK, some would say good vibrations!) throughout our world and adds to the good that dwells deep inside us all.

It’s not only what we do but how we do it. Our attitude and projections; our words and deeds have power. We can harm or help; the choice is ours. Whether it’s a simple smile or a dollar, a helping hand or refusing to litter; a thank you or a hug just when it’s needed; what we do each day counts!

We Boomers are being tagged “the transition generation”. Part of this transition can be using our time, energy and experience to model a better world for our kids and grand kids! Our generosity and the joy it brings is just one way to exercise our transition talents.

As many of us are still in the workforce we have an opportunity to include our workplace in the theatre of transition.