Great Summer Camp for Texas Kids

I just want to give a shout out to our friends at Texas Kids Camps by Kidventure who, for many years have been making the old sweaty Texas summer heat fun for all the kids we know. We recommend to all families, including you, to allow your children to experience the joy of summer camp. There is nothing better than the comradely children experience in spending a summer having fun with other kids. It is so different from school where time is mostly spent sitting around listening (or trying to listen) to a teacher. At camp, especially overnight camp, kids are really engaged ENJOYING life, spending time with young adults (counselors) and peers that they may only see during the summer. Watch this cute little video or check out the fun loving kids on their Texas summer camp Facebook page to learn more about Kidventure and the joy that kids have on their faces in the many candid camp photos on the image gallery. Day camp for little ones and overnight camps for bigger kids are both available in different Texas towns including Houston, Austin, Plano and Dallas.

Send us your best summer camp photos so that we can post them on our Facebook page!