Something’s Happening Here Boomers!

“Hard as it may be to believe in these days of infectious greed and sabers unsheathed , scientists have discovered that the small, brave act of cooperating with another person, of choosing trust over cynicism, generosity over selfishness, makes the brain light up with quiet joy”…………. Nice eh!

Reading Rambam’s Ladder (A Meditation on Generosity and Why It Is Necessary to Give) by Julie Salamon introduced me to this little gem. The quote was borrowed from an article written by Natalie Angier and fit nicely into Ms. Salamon’s meditation. Somethings happening here!

Heaven knows I am not a scientist but I can certainly identify with the discovery. It’s like way down deep within we have this goodness button. When we push it or someone else pushes it for us (giving and receiving) a ”stillness” affirms the action with a moment of joy. A wonderfully warm (YES) feeling attaches itself to a spontaneous act of generosity. It just happens, like a bird released from a cage. Whoosh!

This awareness must take some practice and focus considering the insanity of daily life; what with wars, homelessness, crime and most everything else on the 6 o’clock news. Nonetheless this quiet joy is here for the experience in millions of positive actions that take place every day.

Yesterday the dock workers of Durban South Africa turned back a ship full of ammunition and weapons bound for Zimbabwe. Now it has nowhere to unload. Nice eh! A moment of quiet joy!

Walking into a strip mall last Christmas to get a few things, this elderly man was walking by. Out of the blue he asked for two dollars. My immediate feeling was surprise as I rarely carried cash but wait; I might have a Toonie (two dollar coin) in my pants pocket. So I reached in and voila! I pulled it out and gave it to him. He mumbled something like “I’ll pay you back” and kept walking. I was like what? Later I tried to recall the feeling. It’s not easy to put into words.

You know the first scent of a garden flower in springtime? It seems to rush in with a breath and then linger for just a moment as you breathe out. The moment and the magic fade away but for a simple light hearted smile. I think that just may be the brain lighting up with quiet joy. No hoopla. Just a rainbow over the heart!

Imagine all these moments happening each and every day. Imagine the more you and I tune in to the ones we experience. Imagine a world aware of the opportunity for each brain to light up in quiet joy. The more we become aware, the more we transcend to create a world where we can all experience quiet joy. And some thought Boomers had given up the ghost!

Choose to trust our collective ability to overcome our “stuff” – one at a time. Choose to believe that before the day is done the Transition vanguard will call on Boomers to help lead the way; to expand our awareness and become all we were meant to be. There it is!

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