Transition Generation “One Moment at a Time”

Far from the maddening crowds and competition of Beijing, and oblivious to the power plays in other far away places; it’s August on Vancouver Island. The morning sunrise over Craig Bay is truly a blessing to behold. It’s going to be another hot one today! Freshly brewed coffee in hand, I take it all in.
The tide is far out to sea. Scores of Canada Geese make their way in customary follow the leader fashion, across a beach patterned by soft, lime green, eel grass. High within an Arbutus tree nearby, young crows caw at their mother’s side; hoping for a morsel to satisfy a constant appetite. Two majestic Herons move nimbly through the shallows, keeping a sharp eye for any sign of breakfast. High above a lone bald eagle soars.

Thousands of tiny crabs make their homes in the bay. Many must scurry for hiding places as the footsteps of campers from nearby Rathtrevor Beach roam the shoreline. Small children play in the warming sand and couples stroll in summer wear, drinking in the mornings cool, sea breeze.

Mussels, clams, sand dollars and minnows abound. Close by beds of oysters remain untouched. Perhaps sacred reminders of the sustenance provided the historic inhabitants who’s midden remains; a testimonial of the good life here long ago.

One might ask oneself. “Who am I to witness all of this”? I can only wonder as I feel this gift of nature before me. I have no idea what the rest of the day will bring only that now I am, a part of this sacred energy. The words of my father come to my mind. “Play your cards while you have them”! I take full advantage, joyfully.
In this moment I take the opportunity to appreciate a generous gift. And if it holds true that the road to “Hiranyaloka” is paved with my karma, my response can only be to do my best to preserve this miracle of life I am witnessing. I can remain optimistic that future generations ( and wouldn’t it be something if it included a revised “Me”) can continue to wonder at the unspoiled beauty of creation.

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